How soon should I book you?
To get the most out of our services, we should be one of the first vendors you book! That way, we can help guide you through the entire process (for full and month-of planning)!! We usually start filling our schedules a year+ in advance. Sometimes we do have dates open within the same calendar year, so don’t hesitate to email us if your wedding is soon approaching!

Where do you work?
In PA, we cover areas surrounding Gettysburg, York, Harrisburg and Lancaster, as well as northern areas of MD. In NC/SC, we cover the coastal regions and span from Bolivia and Wilmington down to Myrtle Beach. That said, we’re always available for travel and will go where we are requested! (Taryn likes the tropics and Jen loves cold weather!)

Do I really need a wedding planner?
No. Bet you weren’t expecting that answer. Truth be told, you don’t NEED anything at your wedding besides you and your love. Some other things you don’t need? Stress, sweat, dealing with no-show vendors, giving directions, watching the clock, being late, and not enjoying yourself. If you don’t want those things – then yes, you need a planner.

Maybe things like reading contracts, estimating budgets and making sure 15 vendors all work together is enough to make you feel crazy!  Maybe you have a busy job or prefer to spend more time with your kids and simply don’t have extra time to plan your event. Maybe there are some touchy  dynamics in your family and a neutral third party could help navigate those waters. Or maybe you realize that you’re only going to get 1 chance at making this day perfect and the risk just isn’t worth it!

Can I just have my mom / sister / aunt / friend coordinate my wedding?
Sure! But first, read this: 7 THINGS WEDDING PLANNERS DO (THAT BRIDES/MOMS/AUNTS/FRIENDS CAN’T)  (also, see above. Do you want them stressed / sweaty / late? and how comfortable will you feel if something goes awry and you have to have ‘the talk’ about it?)

Did you hire a wedding planner for your wedding?
You betcha we did! Actually, Taryn hired 2! And Jen used the whole TBE team for her big day. Even we wanted to sit back and relax on our wedding day!

Do we have to use vendors from your preferred list?
Nope. Those are just people we’ve worked with and have grown to love. There are literally thousands of options for vendors in your area and our goal is to just help narrow that list down a bit. We do NOT get paid to have people on our preferred list and do NOT receive kickbacks or commissions for referring clients to vendors (but be warned, some vendor lists do work this way!)

Why are you different than my venue’s wedding coordinator?
Every venue will be different, but in general, your venue coordinator will solely handle managing things taking place AT the venue. They usually don’t handle your vendor confirmations, rehearsal, ceremony activities, flower pinning, photography oversight, etc. Plus you can email us throughout your planning with questions on anything, so we really become the one-stop-shop for your needs.

Do you have a contract and insurance?
You bet! Our contract outlines your entire package in detail. We’re also fully insured and can provide your venue with a Certificate of Insurance if required.

How do you determine your fees?
Our package prices are reflective of our experience in the industry, value of our services by location, as well as the quality of service that we provide for our couples. We offer a very distinct approach to planning + design. When you decide to work with us, know that you are investing in our experience and know-how, peace of mind and professionalism in the field. Of course, budget is important (we totally respect that!) but we’ve found that we do our best work with couples who genuinely understand the value of a great planning team and why they deserve it for their wedding day. If you are solely price-shopping, we might not be the best fit for you.

What types of weddings do you plan?
What kind of wedding do you want to have? Small, Large, Destination, Double Weddings, Eco-Friendly,  Military and more! No idea is ever too crazy for us – we’ve coordinated weddings on a working farm, at an aquarium, on a baseball field, in a traditional church, at a country club, on the beach, at hotels, in barns, on an island, and more!

How do you dress for our event?
You may see us in some funky sneakers while running around for setup, but come wedding time, it’s all professional dress attire.

Will you eat and drink during the reception and how comfortable will you make yourself?
Since weddings can easily turn into 14 hour days, vendor meals during your reception are required. However, we are there to do a job and will absolutely not drink any alcohol or join your guests on the dance floor . You might catch us cracking jokes with your grandpa though.