What makes you different from other planners?
Award Winning: We’ve earned the Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award 4 consecutive years as well as the Best of York award. These awards are determined by our clients and ultimately our peers, which we believe is a statement to our reputation as well as our collaboration with clients and other vendors.

Experience: We’ve been working with couples across the US and abroad since 2008. We’re not just starting out and we’re not “learning” on your wedding. We’re not taking a stab at the industry because we miss planning our own wedding. We bring experience, know-how and loads of past lessons with us. If, after a decade of experience, we’re still learning little tips and tricks, imagine what a lesser experienced coordinator is figuring out on your dime.

Education: Taryn, Jen, Deb, Kylie and Gail are all professionals in industries that lend themselves to event management. From Masters Degrees to over 30 years of event logistics experience, we have a staff of hyper-organized experts with real world experience and the principles of theory to match.

Trusted in the business: 50%+ of our business comes from someone in the wedding industry referring us. We’re proud to have solid relationships within our wedding community and to know that our peers are trusting their clients to us as well.

When should we book you?
We’re currently finishing our 2018 bookings and are actively signing 2019 and 2020 couples.

Where do you work?
We’ve planned weddings from Delaware to South Carolina and are always available for travel. 

Do we have to use vendors from your preferred list?
Nope. Those are just people we’ve worked with and have grown to love. There are literally thousands of options for vendors and our goal is to just help narrow that list down a bit. We do NOT get paid to have people on our preferred list and do NOT receive commissions for referring clients to vendors (but be warned, some vendor lists do work this way!)

Why are you different than my venue’s coordinator?
Every venue will be different, but in general, your venue coordinator will solely handle managing things taking place AT the venue and may put together a very brief timeline. They usually don’t handle your vendor confirmations, rehearsal, ceremony activities, flower pinning, photography oversight, transportation planning or detailed schedule. They also don’t always handle your personal setup and tear down. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with many venue coordinators and understand all roles involved.

How do you determine your fees?
There are things that can only be learned over a decade of experience. We also make ourselves completely accessible to you, aiming to respond within 24-48 hours of your emails from the moment you book, and you don’t share your coordinator with another couple on your wedding day. We’re readily referred and awarded for a reason.

Experience equates smooth wedding days. Our price is determined by an equation of industry standard  + experience.

Will you eat and drink during the reception and how comfortable will you make yourself?
Since weddings can easily turn into 14 hour days, vendor meals during your reception are required. However, we are there to do a job and will absolutely not drink any alcohol or join your guests on the dance floor . You might catch us cracking jokes with your grandpa though.